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What is Event Editor?

Event Editor is a map-centric web app that supports linear referenced event data editing. This app is included with ArcGIS Roads and Highways Server.

Event Editor features

  • Route searching—Most roadway characteristic editing workflows are route centric, where the first step of attributing the route is locating the route on the map.
  • Attribute set-based route attribution—Define groups of event layers, named attribute sets, to provide attributes across multiple event layers in a single transaction for a given route and to/from measure pair. The event layers can also be stored and referenced in different linear referencing methods (LRMs). The app will take care of route and measure translations across LRMs.
  • Run quality-control checks—Run QC checks for a route to detect event data gaps, overlaps, and invalid measures; then use the editing capabilities to correct those errors.
  • Event data query and editing—Query for event data by its route association, by ad-hoc queries, by spatial intersecting geometry, or by location proximity. Visualize, browse, and bulk edit the tabular results.
  • Route redlining—Communicate required LRS modifications or discrepancies by redlining a route to communicate to the LRS data managers that a route needs to be created, extended, retired, realigned, or reassigned.

Deployment of Event Editor

Follow these steps to get your organization's event and route data into Event Editor:

  1. Create a map document (MXD) with the desired routes and event layers using ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Roads and Highways Desktop.
  2. Add the LRS intersection class and other point layers to the map to create events using reference offsets.
  3. Publish the map document with ArcGIS Server and enable the ArcGIS Roads and Highways Server Linear Referencing capability.
  4. Create a web map that includes the above map service and a basemap.
  5. Deploy Event Editor to a web server and configure it to use the above web map.

The app supports the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer 10 or latest
  • Firefox
  • Chrome 4.0 or latest
  • Safari 4.0 or latest